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innovative platform

PopinGame is a platform for advertisers to publish their ads in virtual worlds such as gaming, museum tours or anything 3D.

In-game ads

Since the early days of gaming, developers have been using their virtual worlds to include subtle product placement for revenue. FIFA sports games with digital billboards, the Obama presidential campaign on NBA Live, even whole games as ads.

IGA (In-game Advertising) has been a thing for a long time. Now is the time for us to help you get noticed using the latest technology available.
How We Do It

Non-intrusive and integrated 3D ads

Our software plugin will be designed to blend ads inside of the 3D texture. It could be the dress of the character, a poster on the wall or ads on the cars. All dynamic from our server, tailored to the location and preferences of the user.


The player enjoys his experience longer, being able to focus on the gameplay or virtual tour without anything intrusive coming up to ruin their immersion. 


The developer does not have to worry about server-side integration. Our API is super easy to work with and supports multiple game engines.


The advertiser is provided an intuitive interface to input the dimensions, images, geolocation, campaigns of the ads and control in which games they are shown.

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